Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wow! I had dinner last night with the next Vice President of the United States....

I predict Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will be named tomorrow as Senator McCain’s running mate.

Visiting with him and his wife Mary at the Governor's mansion in St. Paul last night, he comes across as honest, sincere, down to earth, gracious, humorous and a person with natural compassion. Having, at the urging of his wife, converted from Catholic to Evangelical, he will electrify the important religious values voters, estimated by some at 26 percent of the electorate.

Mary Pawlenty, mother of two teenage daughters, has served as a district judge and is vivacious, intelligent, gracious and committed to the values shared by the majority of Americans. She recently was given the Patrick Henry Award from the National Guard Association for her First Lady's Military Family Care Initiative that provides support to the families of Guardsmen who have been called to active duty.

Visiting with them gives me a burst of hope not only for the November election but for the future of America.


Daryl L. Hunter said...

Sarah Palin looks like a real fine choice also, McCain at long last has my vote, I hope Governor Palin can pound some sense into him.

I was afraid I was going to have to write in Newt as I did in the Idaho Primary.

Scott K. said...

For the first time in a long time, I am truly energized from a political perspective. What an amazing pick. You're link to Newt's email to the Weekly Standard absolutely sums up what has happened with McCain's decision to choose Gov. Palin. She is as real. Every conservative I speak to is energized. Independents I know are excited and curious. At church this morning, Palin is what people were talking about. God bless her over the next few months as well as Senator McCain.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever blow it, your dinner with the V P, as Mac was going with Palin,(not the Minn Gov) and now Palin is floating those "death panel" bull wacko rants, like she is just utterly crazy.
One the one hand, you go on about the money to the Teton music makers from the Feds, and then your worry you won't get millions of Medicare if you get Alzehimers, and after the market melt-downs.
That line of yours about the "Kings penney" was most curious.
Sadly, Dick's pal pulled the plug on your managing State of Wyoming Funds. Joe, You know... Joe, Joe, who is the Wyo State Offical
Isn't that going to cause the local Congresswoman a pile of trouble.
How will you and her cover that up ?
You like to impress people with your stuff about your had dinner with this VIP, or that VIP.
You ever have lunch with the NY Univ Professor who predicted you funds( those with other peoples money under management) would fall off a cliff, and lose a bundle of value.
The gig is up Foster.
All the P R won't cover up stuff.