Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Dangers of "Card Check"

In 2006 the Democrats regained control of both houses of Congress because they actively recruited candidates that were more mainstream and less liberal than the Democrat leadership. Thanks to having to defend 22 U.S. Senate seats, combined with a rash of retirements and assorted scandals, there is the possibility after this fall’s election the Democrats could get to the magic number of “60” votes in the U.S. Senate. This would give the Democrats the ability to stop the Republicans from filibustering legislation.

If this were to happen and Obama were to also win the Presidential election, one of the top item on the new administration’s agenda would be the passage of "card check". While organized labor has fallen to less than 8 percent of the private sector workforce, this new legislation, misnamed the “Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA),” would allow labor unions to force themselves into a business without a secret ballot.

Barack Obama not only supports the potential intimidation of workers by aggressive “Union Organizers” from the Tony Soprano School of Charm, he co-sponsored the legislation. Recently in Denver he vowed once in the White House, “We're going to sign the Employee Free Choice Act into law."

Many of my Democrat friends who are running businesses are very concerned about the power this will give to the unions. It is very difficult for a union member, once he pays his dues to the union, to have any discretion in where those funds are spent.

If the labor unions and their beholden liberal allies in congress could ram EFCA through the senate, it would turn two centuries of secret ballot voting on its ear. This raw power grab is setting off alarm bells around the country; including places you might least expect.

To my friends supporting EFCA I say this: We cannot be a party that strips working Americans of the right to a secret-ballot election. We are the party that has always defended the rights of the working class. To fail to ensure the right to vote free of intimidation and coercion from all sides would be a betrayal of what we have always championed.” This is not from a conservative or even a Republican. This was stated by a true dyed in the wool liberal and former Democrat presidential candidate, George McGovern in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

If the Democrats do control a bare 60 votes in the Senate and the Republicans attempt to filibuster EFCA, the pressure on moderate Democrats to vote with the leadership instead of their conscience would be incredible. They could potentially see their campaign contributions dry up and even possibly face a “pro-labor” primary challenge if they didn’t toe the party line.

There is a way to prevent this from happening; be sure the Democrats do not reach the 60 votes needed to stop a filibuster. A swing of just a few thousand votes in several key senate races could make a huge difference.

In New Hampshire, Republican John Sununu has pulled to within the margin of error in the race to hold his seat after trailing by double digits as recently as June. The open Colorado seat is a toss up with former congressman Bob Schaffer holding his own against Mark Udall. In Louisiana, incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu is facing a stiff challenge from Republican State Treasurer, John Kennedy and this one is too close to call.

These three races could be pivotal in denying the Democrats a filibuster proof congress. It is critical we all throw our support behind the Republican Senatorial Candidates and prevent the “Nightmare Scenario” of a runaway liberal agenda being forced on our citizens.

For more information about card check visit UnionFacts.org.


Jason Clemens said...

The dangers of card check certification are very real. Experience from Canada, where a number of provinces provide a natural experiment in switching from secret ballot voting to card check indicates substantial increases (at least 19%) in union success rates. Importantly, these increased success rates are not a function of reducing employer intimidation but appear to be the reverse - inordinately increasing the power of unions at the expense of workers and employers. A fair, balanced system of employer-employee relations cannot begin with a certification process that excludes the right of workers to make anonymous, confidential decisions in a secret ballot process.

vb said...

I've been looking for a good way to contribute to the Republican Party ... and the "Contribute" page of the Republican Senatorial Campaign website: http://www.nrsc.org/races/ is a perfect place!! If the Democrats get 60% we've had it!!

The donation link is: https://secure.donationreport.com/donation.html